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Border Collies

We have been raising Border Collies at Canaan Ranch for 30 years.
Canaan Ranch is a working ranch and the Border Collies are our best hired hands.
The blood lines of our Border Collies originated from Scotland, our dogs are ABCA Registered.
This Border Collie's name is Emma, she was born late last summer and we received these pictures in June.

Emma's Mom is Clove and her Sire is Chunk.

Owner Jeff Cook is doing a fantastic job with this dog.

Our Border Collies are Smart, Athletic and true people pleasers.


Practicing her

Sheep herding
Border Collies are working dogs and have been bred for centuries to help on the farm herding livestock,
Emma is honing her natural born instincts herding Sheep.

Time to play Catch

Jumping through hoops....

............and finally Treats!!!....>>>>>
If you are looking for a Border Collie for canine agility trials, to work on the ranch herding livestock
or to just be your best friend, give us a call. Our border collie puppies are from proven lines
have good temperament and the willingness to learn what ever you want to teach them


Phone:  509  486-1191

474 Cape LaBelle Road, Tonasket, Washington 98855

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