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Come enjoy the beauty of our 500 acre Mountain Ranch.

Canaan Ranch is located in the
Northeastern part of Washington State
, between the towns of Tonasket and Republic. In an area called Aeneas Valley. Canaan Ranch sits at an elevation of 3500 ft., covers 500acres and is bordered by the Okanogan National Forest

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A perfect place to get away from it all,
Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter!
  • Clean Mountain Air
  • Fully equipped cabins
  • Barns and Corrals
  • Bring your own Horses
  • Miles of Riding Trails
  • Explore the beauty of nature
  • Hiking and Bird Watching
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Swimming

The original Homestead dates as early as 1908, it has been restored and added on to. Your Hosts the McLaughlin's moved to the ranch in 1972 with their four children and a dream. They started out with just the homestead cabin, a few out buildings, no running water or electricity. In the past 37 years they have worked the ranch building it to what it is today

Today there are beautiful gardens, comfortable cabins, a bunk house, RV hookups, a bath house with steam showers and dry saunas. If you would like to bring your own horses we have an 11-stall barn to meet your needs.

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We raise beautiful Polish Arabian Horses, for sale and to use on the ranch. click here to learn about our Arabian Horses and here to view the Polish Arabian Horses we have for sale.

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Come and visit, enjoy the beauty of the mountains and share our life style. Wildlife viewing and birding is at its best at Canaan Ranch deer, eagles, wild turkeys, coyotes, and bobcats are frequent visitors. Enjoy the many activities on the ranch including horse back riding, hay-rides, barn dances, hiking back-packing, snowmobile access to snow park and 1000's of acres to ride in the adjoining Okanogan National Forest, 500 separate acres for cross country skiing,

Treat yourself and your kids the experience of a life time!

Take a trip through our web site
and you will get a glimpse
of what awaits you on your Next Vacation.

A view from the ranch at sunset
A place to dream.....
Under wide open blue skies, beautiful sunsets, and starry nights
where you can see the whole universe.

Contact us:canranch@bossig.com

Phone:  509  486-1191

474 Cape LaBelle Road, Tonasket, Washington 98855

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